Whānau Ora is an innovative whanau-centred approach to empowering whānau to achieve better health, education, housing, skills development and economic outcomes.


Whānau Ora encourages a shift in focus from top-down delivery of services by various agencies to address the problems of individuals…

…to empowering whānau to identify their aspirations to improve their lives, and building their capacity to achieve their goals.

The whānau experience

Whānau Ora puts whānau at the centre of decision-making about the services and opportunities they need and how they access them. Community, government and iwi agencies that provide services to whānau are expected to work in a co-ordinated way that is responsive to whānau needs.

Whānau may use the services of a navigator, a practitioner who helps them to identify their needs and aspirations, plan for the future, and access co-ordinated services in areas such as education, primary health and employment, to carry out the plan.

The Whānau Ora Partnership Group

The Whānau Ora Partnership Group is the Crown/Iwi body that provides strategic leadership to Whānau Ora. The Partnership Group, which is chaired by the Minister for Whānau Ora, is comprised of six Iwi Chairs representatives and the Ministers of Finance, Education, Health, Social Development and Economic Development.  Read more

Whānau Ora outcomes

The Whanau Ora Partnership Group has developed a shared Whānau Ora outcomes framework. The framework guides the direction of Whānau Ora in the short, medium and long term, and assists the monitoring of its progress.

Seven key outcomes to empower whānau into the future lead the framework.  Read more