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    Sophie Smith

    We went to the ASB community Trust for help, because we had 21 mortgagee sales which we were working on. We had a further 42 mortgagee sale files held at reception which we were never going to be able to get too. All 63 files represented families who were about to lose their home due to a mortgagee sale, and eventually become homeless. One family was from New Plymouth & another was from Tauranga. The ASB community Trust listened & funded us $450k over 3 years to establish the Homelessness Intervention Team (HIT). Two full time staff have been employed to avoid homelessness and prevent the need for emergency housing by rescuing family homes at risk of being auctioned due to a Mortgagee Sale, this also includes homelessness through an eviction, and (Includes eviction from Whanau).

    If you know of anyone who our intervention team could assist please put them in contact with us.

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