Matthew Tukaki

Ngāi Te Rangi

Matthew Tukaki is the Executive Chairman of global news content distribution business, NewsNow, is Chairman of Australia’s peak body, Suicide Prevention Australia, Chairman of the National Maori Authority of New Zealand, Ngangaru and Chairman of social investment business, the Sustain Group. Born and raised in Upper Hutt, New Zealand, Matthew is of Nga Te Rangi descent with strong tribal affiliations to Matakana Island, the place he calls home. Matthew has a long and comprehensive career in Government, business, international diplomacy and latterly the not for profit sector.

In the early 2000’s he led the knowledge management reviews into the Australian Governments Joint House Department of the Parliament of Australia, the Australian Communications Authority and Snowy Hydro before taking up a position to build the Asia Pacific business of software education developer, MXL. In 2007 he joined Drake International, the worlds oldest and largest employment company founded in 1946, first as the companies Head of Government Business before taking the reigns as Head of the Company, leading it through the Global Financial Crisis. Matthew also became Chairman of the Drake WorkWise group, Splash Marketing and power of attorney over much of the company’s operations in the Southern Hemisphere.

In 2009 Matthew was elected as the first Australian Representative to the United Nations Global Compact, the business and industry side of the UN system and in 2013 he was elected by more than 100 nations to the inaugural role of Chairman of the UNGC’s Local Networks. In that same year he was directly appointed by UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, to be the first person of Maori Descent to sit as a member of the institutions governing Board and was charged with the design of a new strategy to move the organisation forward. The strategy received overwhelming support at that years UN Leaders Summit with all recommendations accepted. Having retired from Drake in 2010 Matthew became Chairman of the Sustain Group, a social investment Company and then went on to build the global small business and entrepreneurs news network, the EntreHub, which is now known as NewsNow.

Between 2011 and 2016 he was Chairman of Deakin Universities (Australia) Centre for Sustainable and Organisational Research and Chair of the International Advisory Board of the joint initiative between the United States National Science Foundation and the University of Sydney (BESERG).

In 2011 he was appointed as a Non-Executive member of the Board of Australian peak body for suicide prevention, Suicide Prevention Australia (SPA), after the death, by suicide, of a close friend. Several years later he became the Chairman of the National Coalition for Suicide Prevention and has been a proponent for systems change and reform. A record amount of investment is now being in the sector. In November of 2017 he became the Chairman of SPA. Suicide Prevention Australia has succeeded in several innovative world firsts include the first National Research Fund for Suicide Prevention and a national Hub of programs.

Matthew is well known to Australian audiences as the Host of the popular radio show, “Talking Lifestyle; Second Career” on the nations largest commercial radio network, Macquarie. Starting out in 2016 on Sydney’s 2UE (Australia’s oldest radio channel) his audience quickly grew for a show focussed primarily on the world of work, small business and the economy. In early 2017 the show went national in Capital Cities such as Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. He created the “Inspiring Australian Series”, the “Local Heroes Series” and “Mentally Healthy at Work Series” and was known for shedding light on Indigenous Australian stories and issues impacting rural and regional Australia. In April of 2018 he broadcast his last show after indicating he did not want to move to the new 24-hour sports format of the network.

Matthew has been commuting between Australia and New Zealand for the last five years and recently became the Executive Chairman of the National Maori Authority, Ngangaru and has been elected to the New Zealand Maori Council for the Auckland District. Matthew is passionate about his culture and the future of his people, Maori. He is passionate about making a difference when it comes to health, social and economic development. Matthew is deeply passionate about suicide prevention as an issue very close to home and heart.

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